Hand crafted.
Each unique.

They come in all different patterns, all uniquely hand made, no two exactly alike, and not mass-produced. Most fit most heads.


Front, sides, and back views to see how they look and fit.

front right side angle right side


The images above, of a cap with a solid pattern, are to show the fit in eight views.

They come in all different patterns, all uniquely hand made, no two exactly alike, and not mass-produced. Most fit most heads. Some have ribbons to tie in the back, and some are made to fit snugger at the bottom so the tie is not needed. The Caps section you may find what is currently available.

Who wears these? Anyone! But, they were designed to be worn on persons without hair. They will not fit as intended on a head with big hair. People with very short fine hair might be able to wear the cap.

Sizes. To determine if these caps will fit your head, it is best to measure the circumference of your head from forehead to cerebellum to forehead (as shown in the illustrated image below.) The majority are for head sizes at or close to 23 inches around. For you that would like a cap who has a very much smaller or very much larger head can contact me with your circumference size and we will create custom size for you at now extra cost.

head measured

Lo models KAT JOY Head Wrap


Hand wash. The best way to wash, that I have found so far, is by hand. Fill a sink with luke-warm water and a small amount of gentle soap (like Woolite) or tad of regular laundry soap. Hand wash the cap with your hands for a few seconds. Leave it in the soapy water for about a minute. Then hold the cap, drain the sink, and thoroughly rinse the cap with normal temperature water. Lie flat to dry. I usually put my damp cap on a (dark) towel in an area that gets a lot of air, and not in sunlight. In warm temperatures it usually takes a day to dry, but in cooler temperature it will take at least two days to dry completely.

Machine Wash not encouraged. If you are in a hurry and absolutely have to throw it in the washing machine, at least put it inside a cloth bag (preferrably black) like a pillow case. If you want to throw it in a dryer, it will shrink a little bit. I would recommend air drying, flat.

Made out of 100% cotton.

Lo models KAT JOY Head Wrap

Contact Or 310-294-4847.Unless our devices are synced, you'll need to dial.
I will most likely be able to return an email much quicker than a call, depending on the time. Either way I will reply as soon as possible, and I appreciate your interest! Again, you may go to CAPS, or and communicate with us directly for your needs. Thank you!

Caps Now Available to Buy

These are the new Head Wrap Caps that are currently available. Refer to the following for images and details. These are not mass produced. Each are unique and although some may look similar, none are exactly alike. Introducing:

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